Confusion over Change 4 Life event at Hornchurch Sports Centre

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Change 4 Life is an event that is on at most of the Everyone Active Sports Centres around the UK. It promises various activities for children between the ages of 2 and 15.

But according to staff at Hornchurch Sports Centre the event is not happening this weekend, despite it being advertised on the Everyone Active website. We called the staff at the centre and they were not aware of the activities mentioned and, even after being warned at the start of this week, Everyone Active has failed to remove the event from their webpage

hornchurch sports centre


Activities promised by the website include trampolining, party games, pool play and Gym sessions. Although nearby Central Park Leisure Centre is also hosting the Change 4 Life event they do not boast the same amount of activities for age 2-4 years, which has been a disappointment for some parents

—————————– Update 25/07/2014 12:15 ———————————————

The event on for Hornchurch has now been removed

—————————– Update 26/07/2014 09:54 ———————————————

Hornchurch Sports Stadium confirmed that the event is still on but has slightly adjusted the event. More information here . Everyone Active has apologised over the confusion

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