Parking review launched to protect parking for local communities

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A parking review has been launched by Havering Council to ask households and businesses on how best to protect their parking.

The council will be consulting in the following areas:

  • Elm Park
  • Hylands
  • Romford
  • Rainham
  • Emerson Park
  • Gidea Park
  • Hornchurch
  • Upminster
  • Harold Wood

The council will also be engaging and talking to businesses, in particular the Hornchurch and Upminster areas.

Councillor Osman Dervish, Havering’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“We know many households and businesses experience problems parking near their homes and business properties. With the introduction of CrossRail and a new C2C connection, we expect this to become worse.

“To find out more about these issues and look at the best solutions, we have launched our parking review consultation in nine areas around the borough from which we have heard have the most problems.

“This will also offer us a clearer picture of the whole borough. It is important that we listen and really know what residents think is the best way to protect their parking.

“These solutions could cover anything from new Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs), additional yellow lines, new parking bays, or even making no change at all.

“We are also listening to the views of businesses, especially in Hornchurch and Upminster, who have expressed concerns about the end of free parking.

“When this has finished, we will publish the results and once again ask these households and businesses if they are happy with the proposed solutions.”

The consultation will run until midnight on Friday 22 November and can be found here:

Paper copies will also be available across libraries in the nine areas from next week.

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2 thoughts on “Parking review launched to protect parking for local communities

  1. Derek Platt

    Hacton Drive Suttons Lane
    Referring to the article in Hornchurch Life regarding the parking issues and the proposed CPZ’s around the local areas and the introduction of further yellow lines and parking bays I would like to raise some matters surrounding the Suttons Lane and Hacton Drive parking issues.
    I am a resident of Hacton Drive and suffer daily problems and issues around people parking on double yellow lines, double parking and dropping children off along the main Suttons Lane including the top of Hacton drive seeing people walk straight across the road ignoring the zebra crossing.
    All of which are a serious safety matter and are illegal and warrant action to stop this behaviour.
    I understand that the Parking Enforcement Agency cannot always be in all places at the same time but it would be nice to see more of them acting against the perpetrators at an appropriate time and not at times when there is not a problem.IE Out of school times and more presence in the morning and afternoon.

    With the proposed CPZ’s would it be road specific as otherwise the problem can continue as local people within the very local area would still be able to park at the nearest point to them to travel or drop people off and park.
    Currently we have employees from the Local Nursery, Local Schools and commuters using the road as a parking area, there are also people who drive here to park from local vicinity to drop children off and then park up and travel to the station as its nearer to the station, so these people would have a permit under the proposed scheme.
    In Suttons lane there is a serious safety issue with the constant stop start of vehicles along the main busy road with children being dropped off along the road even! on the zebra crossings Zig Zag lines and Yellow lines and indiscriminate parking. This includes the constant abuse of the Double yellow lines in Hacton drive which at times experiences two a breast double parking and the constant ^U^ turn of vehicles at top of the road again resulting in a serious safety matter and adds to further traffic problems that action should be taken to stop these practices.
    Suttons lane is a major road with several bus routes 193, 252, 256 also having one provided specifically for the school, the 193 has major problems in Vaughan Avenue with this route as it must deal with the school parkers.
    There is an issue of peoples vehicles parked dangerously at the top of Hacton drive displaying a Blue Disabled Badge and the misuse of this, sees these people sit in the vehicles while parked for a long period of time and then walk across the road to school ignoring the zebra crossing.
    The Blue badge situation is a scenario that is understandably unmanageable and open for abuse by the people concerned.

    Would it be feasible to reduce the turning point at the top of Hacton Drive to form a normal angle reducing the turning point and ability to double park and carrying out a U” turn.

    Looking at the PSOP’s the following statement drawn off Havering’s Council web statins the following.
    “We use PSPOs around a number of local primary and infant schools to prevent illegal parking when dropping off and picking up children. If you do park illegally you will be issued with a fine known as a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).”

    Currently there are 4 schools in the borough that are presently using this system to stop offenders.
    The initial cost of installation of the CCTV is high and the revenue generated may well reduce as time goes by, but surely if this resolves the issues surrounding the vehicle parking illegally and people alighting along the road then this is a success story. There will always be people that are prepared to take a chance and will offend at times so there will be future further revenue.
    I understand that there is a proposal to introduce a 1Km parking permit zone from the station which would impose parking restrictions within this area and looking at your map on the web can you confirm it is the one shown?
    If this is the case. it again like the CPZ it would need policing and require the Parking Enforcement agency to enforce this and I stress again will it be residents parking permit for a road?
    Would these permits be issued to resident only or include the Schools and Nurseries as these are regular parkers along the road as are people the live a bit further away but are still local parking closer to the station?

    • Road specific permits CPZ’s
    • Road permits for residents only not to include schools or nursey if applicable
    • Increased policing of areas by Parking Enforcement agency staff
    • Install PSOP’s CCTV system corner Hacton Drive Suttons Lane
    • Possible reduction of road entrance into Hacton Drive

    1. Andy Wilkin

      Good morning,

      HornchurchLife is a privately run website and so I suggest that you send these details directly to Havering Council

      Kind regards


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