Posters have been going up around Havering asking people not to feed bread to ducks. ‘When it comes to food’ says the poster “I’m just like you. A lot of bread is no good for me too”.

Items on the menu to feed the ducks include greens such as lettuce and spinach, uncooked grains such brown rice, linseed and plain porridge oats, bird seeds and corn and some of these items will soon be available at some local cafes in the borough’s parks.

Councillor Wallace stated  – “A lot of people might take bread to feed the ducks because they have some left over, but the same applies with greens and fruits, if you’ve got a little extra, take it to feed the ducks instead of bread. Also, you can pick up grains and seeds from any local pet shop,”.

The down sides of too much bread

While at Raphael Park, one of the geese tottered by with damaged wings, the goose was suffering from a syndrome called ‘Angel Wing’ – which can be caused by a high-calorie diet – too much bread – and means the joints in the wing become twisted and stops the birds from being able to fly.

Pointing to the geese, Jo added, “This is what happens when they eat too much bread, it’s really sad, and what kind of life do they have if they can’t fly?”

Councillor Wallace added: “This is why it’s especially important that children learn that the birds need a healthy variation in food, just like we do. That way, when they grow up and have children of their own, they’ll be able to give them the right message.”

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Text and image used with permission from Havering council