The Queen’s Hospital has always had car parking issues, with parking spaces hard to find in it’s multistorey car park.

This was improved when Havering Council acquired the old ice rink car park, which was due to be demolished to build a Morrisons. The car park was further away but still within sight of the hospital and car parking charges were cheaper.

But the site has always remained the property of Morrisons and according to the Havering website they are asking for the site back:

We’ve received very short notification from Morrisons, who own Rom Valley Way car park, that it will be closed from the morning of Tuesday 24 May 2016. We will keep residents and visitors informed, as we are attempting to secure an extension of the current car park arrangement. Visitors can find information about alternative parking here.

Although Queen’s Hospital’s multistorey currently often has queues at the entrance, before the Rom Valley Way car park was used these were a lot longer and before the council can expand the current car park we will be returning to these longer queues