This week marked the 4th strike for the Junior doctors as they walked out for 2 days, emergency services were not affected.

We were lucky enough to speak to Elizabeth Hobbs, who had the fantastic idea behind Romford’s junior doctor protest, where they used the time to teach CPR to passers by in Romford:

We wanted to explain to the public (our patients) face-to-face why we feel forced into taking strike action. If we allow ourselves to be bullied into a contract that we know is unsafe for patients then we would ultimately be doing the country a disservice and letting our patients down.


We decided to teach Basic Life Support because it is a really important skill that everyone should be able to do. You never know when you might need to help somebody who has collapsed or who is choking. Whether or not someone receives good Basic Life Support can make the difference between whether they live or die. It is straightforward and even if you don’t remember the exact sequence, doing something is always better than doing nothing.


The junior doctors had an excellent reception in Romford town centre and were extremely grateful for the support. The people of Romford seem to understand that doctors are striking for the sake of their patients and the future of the NHS, not out of greed or malice. They were very vocal in their support and were keen to learn the skills we were offering to teach them. We taught complete novices and qualified first-aiders, children and grandparents. A lady even brought us a whole bag full of food to keep our spirits up in the rain!


Photos published on twitter by Matt Kelham, used with permission