Alternatives to A&E at Queen’s

Queen’s Hospital is trialling a new approach to not urgent cases who go to A&E, directing them to different health care providers and there are plenty of other places to go if someone needs medical attention.

Havering has walk-in centres at Harold Wood Polyclinic, RM3 0AR, and at South End Road, Rainham RM13 7XJ, where you can get advice for any health problem. You can also get an urgent on-the-day GP appointment at our GP hubs – call 020 3770 1888 to book or find out more online.

And these facilities are not just available during the trial – you can use them any time you need to see a doctor and it’s not life threatening or an emergency. It can save you a potentially long wait in A&E, and keeps our emergency departments free for those who need them most.