I was recently discussing, with other members of the angry of Havering forum, about our NHS:

The question is had was if all these issues regarding the bail out could have been avoided and what the tipping point was?

Phil H produced an whole essay of an answer which I wanted to share with you as I was wondering what your opinion was.

Please feel free to comment on the below and I would be happy to share you opinion with my followers:

I do not believe there is any argument that within a 5 mile radius of Gallows corner 4 hospitals, including 2 major maternity units have closed within the last 17 years and they are:

Brentwood, Rush Green, Harold Wood and Oldchurch Hospitals.

Rush Green and Harold Wood maternity units have also gone.

Harold Wood maternity unit was built in 1965 by Thomas Bates and Sons. It was a 6 story building that could handle up to 300 maternity cases and in an emergency 30 A&E cases. It closed as a maternity unit in 2006 and closed completely after 44 years in May 2009.

Rush Green Maternity unit was also built in the 60’s and was a 4 storey building that could deal with up to 200 maternity cases and it also incorporated a Special Baby Care Unit that could handle up to 25 critical new births. This unit closed in 1995 and the case load was transferred to Harold Wood Maternity unit.

Brentwood Hospital is now a mixture of 50 houses and a large BT complex. The former Rush Green hospital site is a housing estate of some 12 roads and some 200 houses.

Harold Wood is a building site for some 650 new dwellings and the Oldchurch Hospital site is a new slum where some 400 dwellings are being built. 1300 new houses or flats and 4 hospitals closed.

You would have thought even a complete idiot could see what would happen after these disastrous actions were taken but no, Andrew Lansley MP, the Secretary of State for Health wants to close King Georges A&E in Goodmays and incorporate that into Queens Hospital, Romford.

Also bear in mind the birth rate is at it highest since the end of the Second World War.

The net result of these unmitigated disasters are senior government lawyers and auditors are to be sent into seven NHS hospital trusts on the brink of bankruptcy which have been saddled with “absolutely disgraceful” private finance initiative contracts.

Barking Havering & Redbridge Trust which runs Queens and King Georges hospitals is one of the 7.

David Cameron promised to ring fence the NHS budget in his 2010 manifesto. Since May 2010 the NHS budget has been cut by £20 billion in real terms.

Believe me, it will get far worse before it gets any better.

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  1. "Brentwood Hospital is now a mixture of 50 houses and a large BT complex."While true, the BT site actually was "St.Faith Hospital", the old Brentwood Community Hospital was demolished and replaced with a 'state of the art' new community hospital.

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