In light of the coronavirus lockdown, a new study shows which East London boroughs rank as the easiest and hardest for police to enforce a lockdown. Havering ranks as the fifth hardest borough to police the current lockdown 207 cameras in the region.

Most Surveilled East London Boroughs – easiest to police:

Borough        Estimated Cameras        Camera to Resident Ratio
Redbridge                            620                                          1 : 490         
Tower Hamlets                     465                                          1 : 683
Barking and Dagenham       258                                          1 : 820

Least Surveilled East London Boroughs – hardest to police:

Borough        Estimated Cameras        Camera to Resident Ratio
Newham                               310                                         1 : 1135
Havering                               207                                         1 : 1247
Waltham Forest                    207                                         1 : 1338
Hackney                               103                                         1 : 2705

According to ACCL’s new findings, East London’s easiest borough to police during the lockdown is Redbridge with approximately one CCTV camera in surveillance per 490 people. The next easiest boroughs to enforce the lockdown are Tower Hamlets and Barking and Dagenham. In contrast, the hardest borough to police the lockdown in East London is Hackney which has an estimate of just 103 CCTV cameras for 279,665 inhabitants in the area.

Across London, the best borough to police the Coronavirus lockdown is the City of London with the worst borough being Greenwich which possesses 1 camera per 5,536 people. Data from this research is available by borough across London and is precise as of December 2019.