The film that was produced by executive producer Nidhi Gupta from Hornchurch and she and the 51 co-writers of 50 KISSES will gather at BAFTA for a special screening on 4 April to receive their official ‘World Record Holder’ Awards and celebrate their extraordinary achievement.

50 KISSES beat the previous record-holder FOREVER AND A DAY (US 1943),  which had seven directors/producers and 21 writers, including an uncredited Alfred Hitchcock.

50 Kisses is an initiative run by the London Screenwriters’ Festival, designed to connect emerging writing talent with emerging filmmaking talent.

Two years ago, writers were invited to submit two page scripts featuring at least one kiss and set on Valentine’s Day. Nearly 2,000 were submitted. The scripts were judged and the 50 best were released on the web with an open invitation to filmmakers to produce them – 127 films were produced and submitted. From those films, the final feature film 50 Kisses was produced.

Released on Valentine’s eve last February, 50 Kisses achieved a staggering screen average of £9,436.35, as reported by Charles Gant (

50 Kisses has been shepherded by British indie filmmaker and London Screenwriters’ Festival Creative Director Chris Jones who says, “At every stage, 50 Kisses has innovated the way we make films – from script, to production to distribution. Our theatrical release actually put the project into profit from the first screening by approaching the whole process in an entirely original way and with a new mindset.’

Chris Jones adds, “For us ’50 Kisses’ is just the beginning, we are committed to creating real opportunities for writers and filmmakers to get their work platformed. Perhaps the best result though is the huge amount of new creative partnerships the project has created, with writers and filmmakers now working together after meeting within the 50 Kisses process.”

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The London Screenwriters’ Festival is the world’s largest annual screenwriting conference, held at Regents University at the end of October.

This year 150 professional speakers will present to over 1,000 delegates over three days.

Press note: if you would like to attend the screening at BAFTA on Friday 4 April or more information about 50 KISSES, please contact Judy Goldberg  / 07850 122 370

Key Points

  • 50 Kisses was produced by the London Screenwriters’ Festival
  • 50 Kisses has 51 co-writers and beat the prior world record holders on February 13th when it was released in the UK
  • 50 Kisses took two years to produce
  • 50 Kisses is a British film that also features stories and films from across the world
  • 1870 scripts were submitted to the 50 Kisses process and 50 were selected
  • 50 Kisses is edited from 127 short works filmed exclusively for 50 Kisses
  • The 50 Kisses office is at Ealing Studios, West London, itself in the Guinness Book Of Records as oldest working film studios
  • The end credits run for 17 minutes and list every film, actor and crew member – over 2,000 people
  • Chris Jones, 50 Kisses organiser, runs the London Screenwriters Festival, is Oscar shortlisted and is the author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbooks series.