Minecraft is a game that has received a lot of publicity in the last few months. The game gives you access to what has been described as “virtual lego”, providing building blocks and a world that follows simple rules that allows the user to build up larger worlds

Projects created in the past using Minecraft have included:

A recreation of Andy’s room from Toy story

A star wars world

Several world famous skyscrapers

Minecraft has caught the imagination of teachers who have used it to teach students about programming and computer design.

Havering Library have recently released their own Minecraft server. The server is only for under 18s, you have to be a Havering Library card owner and it will be monitored by library staff.

Get into your local library to find out more or contact them on michael.burdett@havering.gov.uk

Go to https://arena.yourlondonlibrary.net/web/havering/minecraft to join the server