FollowFriday (or #FF) is a weekly event that happens on Twitter where people mention names of tweeter usernames they think you should follow

This is a special HornchurchLife FollowFriday where we give you a short description of one of the people we recommend to give you an idea of why you should follow them

#FF @LBofHavering

If you live in Havering this is a must follow. They post information about events happening in and around Havering. I regularly tweet them about things such as paths being overgrown or information about groups being closed and they have always responded and assisted where possible.

The @LBofHavering twitter is one of many accessible via the HornchurchLife Havering feed located here:

If you want to nominate a twitter feed for our #FF blog post please email me at:

Please include the twitter name and a description of why you think it should be our special FF of the week