An adviser at Hornchurch Jobcentre organised and is running a Work Club.

The Work Club is open to all claimants and is there to offer support, advice and motivation to help get people back into work.

The Work Club is open from 8:30am until 4:00pm.

No appointment needed, just drop by.

It was initially available from 2:00pm-4:00pm; however this excluded customers and has now been made into an all day opportunity.

The purpose is to help claimants with any needs and providers are available to offer any additional support. The providers present on 11th June 2014 were Barking and Dagenham College, The National Careers Service and The Light Bulb. The Light Bulb work in partnership with the government to deliver funded Apprenticeships as well as Commercial Training courses across a range of industry sectors.

After sitting in several of the motivational talks it is obvious this service is working. Claimants would come in feeling demotivated and negative about themselves. Peter’s workshop changed that around completely, claimants changed their way of thinking and one even started talking about what help they are going to ask for the following week. Peter gives his motivational workshop talks either 1-2-1 or in small groups. Not all the talking comes from Peter; questions will be asked so claimants can talk about how they really feel and what they see as barriers. Motivational quotes are used too, such as Nelson Mandela’s quote ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’.

Currently at the jobcentre is work experiencer Ben, 18 from Romford who is also unemployed. Ben helps claimants on the computers while Peter holds the motivational workshops. Ben told me that “the Work Club is very useful. I think we could offer our service even more by showing people paper version applications, especially for those who don’t enjoy browsing”.

The National Career Service is seen as one of the most useful providers a jobcentre can have. It provides extra support to customers and can give you help that work coaches don’t always have the time to do, as much as they wish. Amy from the National Career Service quoted “The Work Club adapts to everyone. It provides a service and creates a relationship with the Jobcentre. It brings a community together. It’s that extra cushion that all claimants could use”.

Each claimant that attended filled out a feedback sheet. The feedback received was really positive. One of the questions on the feedback form was ‘What part of the Work Club did you find the most helpful?’ all responses were different but on average the most common responses were either ‘the advice given’ or ‘all of it’. One claimant has written ‘The Work Club was very helpful in as much as it gave me different ideas and training programmes on way to find employment. This is much more helpful than just job searching.’ All claimants said they would recommend the Work Club to a friend.

Thanks to all the effort from Hornchurch Jobcentre staff, this Work Club is truly a success and shouts out the key theme ‘stay motivated’.

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