mother photoA claimant in the London Borough of Havering has been receiving Income Support and Carers Allowance. She is a carer to her mother and is a Lone Parent to 3 children, one of them non dependent.

Her adviser first saw her in October 2013 for her 6 month work focused interview. At that time she said she was not ready to consider looking for work, and as well as her caring responsibilities, she was also experiencing housing issues.  Her adviser agreed with her that they would contact her on a monthly basis to review her situation.

Just one month later, the claimant said she felt ready to consider work. Her adviser booked her an appointment so they could discuss job search support. The claimant raised concerns that she may not be any better off by working but the adviser informed the claimant the benefits working would have on her family and herself.

A week later she saw her adviser again, and did a better off calculation to reassure her that working would make her better off. She was referred her to a local provider, National Careers Service, for assistance with writing a CV and information on how to set up a job search profile on Universal Job match.

Over time her adviser suggested ideas to help support her into employment for example removing her age from her CV. It was suggested that she should contact a local shopping centre which has its own recruitment agency as well as other job search websites.

She expressed concern that she would not be able to fund childcare when she started work, so as well as reminding her that she would get childcare assistance from Working Tax Credits, her adviser offered help from Flexible Support Fund for upfront costs.

The claimant began to get good responses from her amended CV and was finally offered employment as a retail assistant for ‘Coast’.

She was awarded 2 weeks upfront childcare costs from Flexible Support Fund and was advised on claiming Working Tax Credits.

The claimant was happy to know she would be working as she felt this would also help her improve her housing situation in the future.

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