I have been seeing the customer regularly as a work programme completer. He has been claiming since 2010 and was in desperate need of work experience. He mentioned to me that he liked the outdoors and would love to get a job gardening. I knew that Seetec one of our Work Providers were running a Mandatory Work Activity at Bedfords Park in Romford and this involved conservation and gardening. He would need to attend every day for four weeks in order to complete the course. I then called my customer in and explained to him that I had referred him to this as it would be beneficial to him to get recent work experience as well as getting him back in to the routine of working. He was happy to do this and attended regularly for the four weeks required of him.

When the four weeks were complete he was sad to leave the course as he had done so well and came so far. Seetec had told him that he had done such a fantastic job that the park would be happy for him to stay there on a voluntary basis which he has now done.

Mandatory Work Activity need not be a negative thing; positive things can come from it. I now have a very happy customer who feels that he is making a contribution to society whilst looking for work.

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