Hornchurch adviser met this claimant last year when she became unemployed for the first time due to finishing her studying earlier than planned and needing some help with finding work and earning money as soon as possible. She wanted help with getting in to retail work, revising her CV, and coaching in application procedures and interview techniques. She attended a workshop ran in Hornchurch Jobcentre with a partner organisation, Chelmer Training. She successfully went on to secure some temporary Christmas work with Marks and Spencer’s and her adviser was able to help her with her fares using Flexible Support Fund until she got paid.

When the Christmas period ended she came back to claim and was very frustrated at being unemployed once more.

As she wanted to get every bit of help available it was arranged for her to see another partner organisation, Learn Direct. Learn Direct is the UK’s largest provider of skills, training and employment services.

She wanted enrolling on some courses that would add to the work experience she had gained over the Christmas period. Her adviser arranged for CV to be revised and suggested various websites she could look at regarding presentation and application skills such as Reed and Dayjob. Her adviser recommended using the Skills to Succeed Academy for online advice and guidance on the job seeking process. She completed the employability and retail courses with Learn direct and was diligently applying for work.

Becoming increasingly frustrated as her unemployment lengthened and her adviser could see her confidence being affected. They discussed what other sort of work would be appropriate and agreed that hospitality and reception work could be considered as an alternative to retail or admin. It was arranged for her to have an interview with one of Hornchurch Jobcentre’s work experience providers Premier Inn who were currently recruiting. The claimant attended the interview at Premier Inn and was invited in for a period of work experience starting on 6 May 2014.

On the 15 May 2014 Premier Inn offered her a full time job. She had proved herself more than capable in the first week of work experience so they had offered her a job with a view to discussing a possible apprenticeship opportunity with the company in the coming weeks. The claimant contacted her adviser to say thank you for all the help and moral support she has been given during her search for work.

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