An 18 year old claimant, a charity shop assistant, has just moved from Dover in Kent to Romford and has just finished his college courses; childcare and catering. In Dover he gained a lot of experience by volunteering for charities in their shops. A few examples include the British Heart Foundation and the YMCA (The Young Men’s Christian Association), where he offered his assistance for over a year.

He has only been a customer at the Jobcentre for just over a month and really wants to work with the public. He enjoys working with the community and networking with a diverse group of people. For this reason He would love to get into retail work. With previous experience in charity shops and the personality to give brilliant customer service He hopes this would be possible.

Currently he has been doing work experience at the Jobcentre. The work experience is for 4 weeks and will hopefully give him those extra transferable skills he needs. While with us at the Jobcentre his adviser received an email saying” he has taken to the work experience like a duck to water, he is very friendly and maintains professionalism”.

The Communication Lead for East London visited the Jobcentre on the 11th June to promote the Work Club which has just opened. Ben has helped organise this Work Club and has done an excellent job. While there he told the Communication Lead that he would like to continue getting work experience and to be able to get his foot in the door, as a result has offered to volunteer his help every Wednesday to the Work Club.

Customer quoted about the work experience opportunity “the work experience at the Jobcentre is worthwhile and rewarding”.

With that in mind he feels that the reference he will receive from Department for Work & Pensions will make him more employable.

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