Paula worked for a company as an Administrator/Office Manager for 11 years. She left her job on the 13th of July 2013, due to stress as could not cope with the pressure of the job she was doing.

Peter was given medical severance from the Post Office. Worked for the Post Office as a postman for 20 years. Suffered from knee problems as a result of arthritis, interfering with the cartilage which also caused the wear and tear of his knees.   He also claimed Industrial Injury Benefit.

Claimants, Paula and Peter Cornelius showed interest in starting their business during the 1st advisory interview I had with them. Paula spoke about the Laughter Yoga business idea she had when she lost a very close family of her to a lung cancer and struggled to come to terms with. Customer also stated that she saw a Laughter Therapy on Breakfast T.V and given the fact that she spent most of her life using laughter as a defence mechanism for most of her life, she decided to find out how to go about taking part in a class or workshop.

That was when she sat down with her partner Peter to think about what she was going to do about taking it on a business venture. First, got some counselling and started to re-evaluate her life, brought her husband on board as he said she was always a good listener and both are good at helping and sorting out other peoples problems but still did not give them a solution to their employment. Peter then reminded Paula of the laughter programmes that she watched all of those years ago. He said to her that before all of the above, they have spent most of their married life laughing and making the people around them laugh and be happy.

Claimants Paula and Peter both then decided that, that was what they wanted to do. They researched and found a course with the ‘Laughter Yoga University.  They used some savings they had and also borrowed money from family to fund training.  And so the idea of their business was confirmed and when they were referred to New enterprise allowance they immediately put forward their business plan with confidence. They believe they will make this business work and because they feel very confident about this they would like to invite everyone to become part of their journey and experience the benefits that laughter can bring to our lives.

Informed Claimants, Paula and Peter that they are entitled to New enterprise Allowance for initial 13 weeks from the day they start work and the weekly payment amount will be £65.00.

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