Nowadays, the News seems just seems to tell us about the hardships that occur when seeking a job and so, with the help of Hornchurch Job Centre, we want to brighten your Friday with a story of occupational success:

Jay graduated from university in July 2013; He was unable to find work due to lack of experience and found he was over qualified for most local vacancies in the retail sector.

Jay’s Work coach suggested looking into security work; He was referred to undertake training in this area of work. Jay completed the course successfully, unfortunately the company re- located before Jay received his SIA Licence.

Through intervention from Jay’s work Coach Flexible Support Fund was used to pay for the SIA licence, and has now found full time work. Quote from Jay “My work coach Amy was a great help, she was a pleasure to meet and assisted me a lot in finding employment”.

This good news story has been provided by The Jobcentre, Hornchurch. If you want your story to feature in next week’s HornchurchLife’s Good News email us at