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This is a good news story about how the Hornchurch Job Centre helped someone who had reached rock bottom

At Hornchurch Jobcentre there was a customer on Employment Support Allowance (ESA) in the Work Related Activity Group. His spine was being compressed and the bones were crumbling, he could barely walk. He appealed to be put in the support group. Adding to his problems were anxiety and depression, suffering regular panic attacks.

Over the months his adviser tried to paint a brighter picture for the future. Eventually he began to feel confident. Unfortunately, just as things started to look up, the council put a limit on his Housing Benefit, which resulted in him being made homeless. In this situation, then having drawn his benefit he slept rough in the park. While asleep he was attacked and his benefit was stolen.

He attended Hornchurch Jobcentre the next day and saw his adviser. She noticed he was drifting in an out of consciousness and had a bump on the head. An ambulance was called urgently as it was a suspected concussion.

After a week he rang his adviser from the hospital to say they had kept him in and in addition they prescribed him morphine to help manage his spinal pain. While in hospital he was introduced to a social worker who arranged housing for him. He thanked his adviser for saving his life and now wants to participate in a Shaw Trust programme to help him into work.

Shaw Trust is a national charity that helps people facing disadvantage to find work, gain skills and take control of their futures. They deliver services for people who suffer disadvantage so they can gain life and employability skills in order to live more independently and secure sustainable employment.

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