Almost time for Fun Palaces 2020

In the past Havering has celebrated a lot with fun palaces and the time has almost arrived, with one a month left

As you can imagine, this year is very different. According to a recent email: 
They will be tinier (a Fun Palace with two or three people is still a Fun Palace!), they might happen in unusual places (a balcony, pavement, a park, on windows, on in a wheelbarrow),

But as ever, Fun Palaces are a chance for people to connect with each other, to share a skill, and hopefully some joy. Are you planning on holding a fun palace in Havering?

You can find lots of information and resources on making a Tiny Fun Palace in the 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces section of the Fun Palace website. Are you planning on holding a fun palace in Havering? Contact us with details on Facebook, twitter or email and we’re happy to publish photos and details

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