Santus Circus regularly visits us in Havering amazing human feats including high wire acts, motorbike stunts and much more and each time they bring something new to the night.

This time the circus brought us the world famous Wheel of Death! from Hungary, an act sooo dangerous, that only a few in the world are crazy enough to attempt it! It was certainly breath-taking and had both of my daughters staring up as the acrobats walked about the outside of the large steel frame while it spun in mid-air.

It was good to see the return of Sacha the Clown, whose act is always my daughter’s favourite part, although look out for him as he sprays the audience with water. The entertainers were very good at keeping up the audience entertained, with a juggler getting the audience behind them by refusing to perform his trick before we cheered him on.

The night was great and had me and my family smiling throughout the show.

I certainly suggest you go and see the show before they move on and at £7 it’s a great price for a great night out

SHOWTIMES: Fri 12th:  5pm and 7:30pm Sat 13th:  3pm and 6pm Sun 14th:  3pm and 6pm Mon 15th:  5pm ONLY Tues 16th:  5pm ONLY