RAF100 Flypast to go over Havering

Keep an eye on the skys on the 10th July 2018 as The Royal Air Force celebrate their 100th birthday.

The flyby takes place 10th July, 100 days after the official birthday, and involves a large formation of military aircraft.

The flypast will start in the vicinity of The Wash, The North Sea and Southwold, Suffolk and Southend then route from the hold via Swaffham and Thetford and Colchester towards London to overfly Buckingham Palace.

Aircraft taking part include:

• Puma HC2
• Chinook HC4
• Juno H135
• Jupiter H145
• BBMF Dakota
• BBMF Lancaster
• BBMF Spitfire
• BBMF Hurricane
• Prefect T1
• Tucano T1
• Shadow R1
• Hercules C-130J
• A400M Atlas
• C-17 Globemaster
• BAE146
• Sentinel
• Voyager
• RC-135W Rivet Joint
• E-3D Sentry
• Hawk T1
• Hawk T2
• Tornado GR4
• F-35B Lightning II
• Typhoon FGR4
• Red Arrows

2 thoughts on “RAF100 Flypast to go over Havering

  • July 10, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Will it be possible to see the flypast over any part of Havering

    • July 10, 2018 at 11:24 am

      i would imagine that most parts of havering will see this but the northern(collier row / havering atte bower ) part of havering will probably see it better but depends on their flight path

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