Local Activists to hold ‘HaverIN: Say No to Hexit!’ Demo 

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Havering Council is set to vote on a plan dubbed ‘Hexit’, on the 26th July under which it would seek to renegotiate its relationship with the London Mayor and City Hall.

The same day, Local Activists from ‘Labour Party and Diverse Havering’ are holding a protest against Hexit 

The ‘HaverIN: Say No to Hexit!’ Demo will be protesting outside the Town Hall from 6.30pm before the full Council meeting taking place that evening. 

A Facebook event has been created for the protect explaining what will be happening:

Havering UKIP councillors and the Romford Tory MP have expressed support for a UKIP motion to take Havering out of London, a so-called ‘Hexit’. They argue that this move would allow Havering to ‘take back control’ from City Hall. We believe this motion is fuelled by emotion not logic.

As part of greater London, Havering receives millions of pounds of vital police and transport funding. It’s crucial that we remain a London borough. 

Join us in demonstrating if you agree that Havering should stay as part of London!

You can find the event on Facebook here

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