Disabled women, men, and young people should experience the same sense of freedom, inclusion, opportunity and dignity as non-disabled people. This includes freedom to access available jobs, educational and training opportunities, care services, public transport, shopping, social venues, sporting and every other place where people expect access and inclusion. The theme for this year’s International Day of the Disabled Person is removing barriers, so within this theme the purpose of this important event is to listen to the experiences and aspirations of local disabled people and their carers, and to:

  • Identify local barriers to freedom and inclusion in all aspects of life in Havering
  • Explain what Council services are doing re disability and a) Children’s and Educational Services b) Adult Services c) Housing d) the Environment and open spaces and e) Public Health (TBC)
  • Record what we hear and accept responsibility within our respective services to address the issues raised within existing resources where possible, with a view to reporting back to participants at a future event
  • Speakers on the day will include senior managers from Havering Council, Havering Association of Disabled People, MIND, Transport for London, Havering Works, and other key services. Most importantly, we will hear direcetly from local disabled people. As well as a comprehensive agenda, participants will enjoy a free lunch and refreshments.

Interpreters and BSL signers will be present.

Monday 3rd December 2018, 9.30am to 4.30pm – Salvation Army, Romford

You’ll find free tickets and more information at this link:


DRAFT AGENDA ( – subject to change before the event)

09:00 Registration and tea and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks by Deputy Mayor of Havering – Welcome and setting the scene for a positive and productive day/Programme.

09:40 Andrew Blake-Herbert, CEO Havering Council – Service/SLT/Employer commitment to inclusion and driving up standards for everybody. Thanks to carers and staff.

09:50 Lead Councillor re Disabilities (Barbara Nicholls to confirm)

09:55 Vernal Scott – Disability and Community Cohesion

10:00 Short video – Disability and Employment

10:10 AccessAble (formerly DisabledGo) – Where are the accessible venues in Havering

10:20 HAD – This is what we do

10:30 Sycamore Trust/Autism Hub (TBC) – Autism and Learning

10:40 Havering MIND (TBC)

10:50 George Marcar, TfL speaker (confirmed) – Enabling freedom to travel in Havering and beyond – Trains, Buses, Elizabeth Line

11:10 Break

11:35 Steve Moore – Developing a Disability-Inclusive Environment

11:55 Mark Ansell – (TBC) Improved health outcomes for disabled residents and carers

12:10 Barbara Nicholls: Adult Services removing barriers to inclusion, independence and dignity

12:35 Jane West – Removing Barriers to Training and Employment

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Cycle Confident presentation

14:00 Disabled speaker?

14:10 Tim Aldridge: Children’s services removing barriers to inclusion and equality of attainment in education and care services

14:30 Neil Stubbings – Disability-Inclusive Housing

14:45 Vernal Scott – Intro to Breakout session. Purpose is to identify barriers and possible solutions by disability/impairment group:

Physical Disability

Mental Health

Autism, Learning Disability/Difficulty

Sensory Impairment x 3 (sight, hearing, speech)

Hidden disability/impairment (MS, Diabetes, cancer, HIV etc.)

Children/Young People (TBC)


15:15 Break tea/coffee

15:35 Feedback from breakout and plenary with Andrew, SLT and Vernal Scott

16:15 Chief Operating Officer or Vernal Scott – What happens next?

16:30 Andrew Blake-Herbert or Deputy Mayor to close

Event on-site stalls or displays:

  • London Fire Brigade
  • TfL
  • Havering works
  • MIND
  • HAD
  • AccessAble
  • Adults Services?
  • Children’s Services?
  • Community Safety re Hate Crime