First ever Pride Romford coming in July

On Saturday 28th July 2018, the first ever Romford Pride event will take place in Romford, East London.

In an area where members of its community may feel vulnerable to truly express who they are, Romford Pride aims to:

  • Celebrate our local Romford and Havering LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer +) community, and:
  • Raise awareness of local issues that affect LGBTQ+ residents by giving a platform to the community, so that provisions can be improved long term.

We will be hosting a full day of events which will start with the first ever Romford Pride Parade at 12pm. The Parade will spend 45 minutes marching through South Street, and will be made up of every part of the area’s local LGBTQ+ community, including residents, members of the emergency services, charities, and businesses.

After the Parade we will be hosting a variety of events, market stalls, food vendors and entertainment in South Street, alongside our South Street Stage which will feature a live host and other entertainment including singers and dancers.

This year’s Romford Pride theme is ‘My Wish’ which will ask the LGBTQ+ community how they hope services in their local area will improve over the next 12 months!

The organisers of Romford Pride would encourage local businesses to get involved with Romford Pride by hosting their own events targeted towards LGBTQ+ customers in the lead up to the main day. Romford Pride will help promote this event in its Pride ‘things to do’ listing.

Romford Pride will mainly be contained to South Street; however to be inclusive of the whole area, there will be other things to see as visitors make their way to Romford Market. This will include rides and attractions, street vendors, and street entertainment. There will also be a Romford Pride Wishing Tree which we would encourage everybody to take part in.

In an area where members of its community may feel vulnerable to truly express who they are, we hope that Romford Pride will give a voice and much needed exposure to the Romford and Havering LGBTQ+ community.

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  • May 17, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    As part of the local NHS Trust BHRUT, how can we support this event, we would like to have a stall signposting local people to our sexual health services

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