Young Adult book Festival at Chadwell Heath Community Centre rescheduled to the 13th May

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13th May at Chadwell Heath Community Centre it’s CHCC YA Fest.

Celebrate the fantastic world of Young Adult literature including:

  • The Corr Sister’s; Katharine Corr and Elizabeth Corr in a YA villians panel
  • In conversation with Edgar Award and Anthony Award nominee (and Jeff Goldblum fan) Melinda Salisbury
  • Carnegie Medal nominee Patrice Lawrence joins our First Loves panel
  • Critically acclaimed YA author Non Pratt talks BFFs
  • Literary agent and author Chloe Seager shares what agents look for in manscript submissions.
  • and more special guests to be announced…

Also, join our scavenger hunt, Games night, and Buy signed copies of authors books

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