1 month since the UK lockdown began on the 23rd March and many of us are lucky to be able to work from home

But many of our key workers don’t have that luck and have to push on through the coronavirus lockdown.

It’s thinking about this that the people who live on The Dury Falls Estate (just off Wingletye Lane) placed a thank you message to Heroes and Heroines on the bridge crossing Ingrebourne River, a famous River that houses the Ingrebourne Valley Visitor Centre.

The message says ‘Thank you all our heroes & heroines’ and each letter has been made by someone different from the estate.

We are very proud of the sign and placed it up Wednesday night especially so that the binmen could see the sign when they collected our rubbish on the Thursday. But it also has pictures of nurses, people in supermarkets and postman

Quote from Andy who helped create the sign

— Update – – –

The postman were excited and took the following photo

One thought on “Estate celebrates key workers”
  1. Dear Tony Chambers,
    I know there are very difficult times for Nursing Staff who are tremendous in the way they are dealing with the crisis, also for the relatives who have lost loved one’s from covid-19, very sad times.
    I have been volunteering for many years, but due to my age, over 70, I am not allowed to volunteer at the moment, there has never been any underlying health problems and still do not have any. I am willing to help out on the Ward or temporary on any other department.
    Jeffrey Marks (Volunteer Sunrise Ward “B”)

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