What is Safari?


Safari is a weeklong holiday club, held during the school summer holidays for children and young people aged pre-school -14 years. There will be fun, story, music, crafts and exercise everyday – and all before lunch! We absolutely do not want to send children away. PLEASE HELP US AVOID THIS SITUATION BY REGISTERING NOW.

Have you helped with Safari before but had a break for a few years?
Are you a young person in year 10 or above, who would like to do something fun but worthwhile in the long summer holiday?
Have you never helped with Safari but have a little time to share this year?
Have you stopped helping with Safari now your children are past Safari age?
Did you help with Safari last year and have a form sitting under a pile of papers at home?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘YES’, we need you to take action NOW!

There are lots of young people in Hornchurch who would love to take part in a week of fun and Christian fellowship IF ONLY we had enough leaders to help. The numbers of volunteers are at an all time low this year. We do not want to turn the children away, so PLEASE help – even if you cannot volunteer for the full week.

We are very keen to recruit leaders for this year; including the young and ‘more mature’ to allow us to take children on Safari. The commitment is only for the mornings 9am-1pm and if you have children yourself, they can come too. If you do not have children, or if they have grown up, we really need your experience to help maintain the adult to child ratio that is legally required for a venture of this kind. You could even volunteer part time, but for a minimum of 3 days per week please.

You would work with at least one other person with a small group of children in an age-group of your choice, reading a story, helping them with the crafts and worksheets, all to a programme which will be prepared for you in advance.

If you would like to learn more, or would like to be sent an application form, contact the Hornchurch Parish Office on 01708 441571 or pop into the office for a friendly ‘no obligation’ chat at 222 High Street, Hornchurch