Doves are becoming popular in modern ceremonies, often released at weddings or in memory of a relative that has passed away

Cathy is the proud owner of True Dove Ways which has been running now for 15 Years.

I started the company when my kids were at secondary school and I really wanted something to do as I was bored at home until they came out of school. Little did I know it would take off so well.

I started off with 6 doves and learned everything about breeding and training them and now I have a flock of 60.

They live in my garden in converted garden sheds.

I love it, it’s more a hobby than a job.

The doves fly freely everyday, Cathy lets them out at 9am every morning so that they can fly out and navigate. They always come back before dusk and the family lock them back up for the night to protect them from cats and foxes.

Cathy says: Our wedding doves are becoming so popular as more and more people see the weddings we have attended. Some couples want to release them at their wedding to represent their love for each other and some people want to release them as memory doves, to send their love up to their loved ones who can’t be with them on their special day.

Our displays are beautifully decorated to enhance any venue, they make a great photo opportunity and the whole scenario is enjoyed by all the guests.

If you are interested in doves at your celebration, you can email them at Send detail of your venue location and the company will send you a quote.