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This week has been an interesting time for those of Dury Falls Estate, Hornchurch as many have been commenting on some unexpected visitors walking down the road and in their gardens

It began on Monday the 9th May as reports started to come in of peacocks walking down Hedingham Road

IMG_20160509_163520 (1)

It was the hot topic on the Upminster Facebook Group:

Dury Falls thought I was halucinating seen sparrow Hawks etc never peacock n peahen

Yes I saw them for the second time today. Spent most of their time sitting on a neighbour’s roof.

The way it’s going they going to be the Dury Falls peacocks, not really a bird for urban garden


After 3 days the Peacocks are still walking around the estate and yet to be caught:

The RSPB have said they are unable to assist, we spoke to Hornchurch Animal Rescue for advise on the birds. Hornchurch Animal Rescue is a voluntary organisation who do not have the resources to assist with the hunt of the birds, we asked them what the rules are regarding wild birds in rural areas and kindly Donna Evans responded:

Not ideal to keep Peacocks in an area as residential as this as they will naturally wander and fly and cause problems. I think it’s a bit of a grey area as I don’t think there is a law against keeping them as such. I’m not sure if Peacocks are covered by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which prohibits people from releasing non-native species into the environment. DEFRA would be the relevant authority 08459-335577 and can take action if they are.

If they become a nuisance the usual diary of offences (noise, poop etc) would have to be kept and taken to the local authority environmental dept.although this law only covers them if they are a nuisance whilst on the owner’s property I think. It might be worth contacting Havering council who could have a word with owners. A lady called Lynn Locke might be able to advise. (she is in charge of stray animals/licensing for boarding establishments etc)

Personally although they are beautiful birds I would not want the problems and worry from neighbours that one would get from trying to keep these birds under control.
If the neighbours agree it’s not ideal for them I’m pretty sure we could find a more suitable home as we have lots of contacts in sanctuaries etc


We will contact Havering Council regarding this issue, our current main concern is that Dury Falls is right next door to the Romford – Upminster Push and Pull Railway line and we would not want an incident involving the birds and train

If you have any further information regarding this incident please contact us and we will attempt to keep all the involved members up to date

—-latest update 12/05 19:00—-
The latest as of 12/05 is that environmental health were called and they said to phone the police. Dotty on streetlife told us about the experience:

After an amusing conversation about me not having had a drink or it being april 1st this was taken seriously. The policewoman I spoke to has asked that anyone spotting these again to please dial 101 and quote reference no. 4734. She was very concerned as they are big birds and could turn vicious. Also was concerned about them causing an accident


—Latest update 15th May – – –
The peacocks are back in captivity after they found their own way home

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