Street art to give voice to the homeless

A new project called Lost Voices is looking to challenge the perception of homeless people to in Romford through the power of Street Art

A group called Made Public has raised a Project on Space Hive to raise money for the project, in the page they state:

We want to partner street artists and homeless people together, to devise street art pieces that represent the stories, dreams and opinions of each homeless person.

Romford has recently seen an increase in Street Art thanks to Made Public, whose projects have included The Brewery’s Falcon:

Homeless people are often described as having ‘falling through the cracks in society’. Every day in Romford we walk past many homeless people, we may recognise their faces, we may exchange coins and even a ‘hello’, but rarely as local residents do we get to hear the stories, opinions and ideas of those living on the streets. We want to use street art to give homeless people a voice within the community in which they live.

The group plan to partner homeless people and street artists together and hold 1-2-1 sessions with artists and the homeless to devise art pieces that represent the stories of the homeless person.

Moving forwards we want to harness this art form to give people who have lost their voices a platform from which to be heard. 8000 people sleep rough on the streets of London every year. Homeless people come from all walks of life, and homelessness can happen to anybody. This project aims to give homeless people back their voice and challenge negative perceptions of homelessness in the wider community.

You can find out more information and support the Lost Voices project on spacehive