Oasis has confirmed that they will not be opening the temporary academy planned for Romford this year, and possibly will not open until the permanent site is opened in 2 years time.

This is bound to affect families who would have already booked places for their children and, with less then three weeks left to go to term, may have even gone as far as purchasing supplies such as school uniforms.

Below is the full statement provided by Oasis:

It is with regret that we have decided to postpone the opening of Oasis Academy Romford.  

As is common with new schools, our plan had been to launch the Academy on a temporary site for the first two years, ahead of moving in to the brand new, purpose built building.  Initially we had been exploring the possibility of leasing land from the YMCA but technical complexities meant that the deal could not work for both parties. 

After this we had hoped that another building had been secured; however the owners of the site have, at the last minute, decided that the deal is not commercially viable from their perspective.   

While we have been diligently searching for a new option, we believe that there are no other sites within an acceptable distance from the permanent site which are appropriate. 

At Oasis we believe that every child deserves the best possible start to their education.  Therefore we are only prepared to open a school on a site that will allow us to fulfil the high standards of education we set for ourselves and that our parents rightly expect from us.  We therefore have no choice but to postpone the opening of the academy rather than to launch it in sub-standard conditions.  

Havering Schools Admissions teams will work with parents over the next few days to secure an alternative place for each child affected and are confident that this process will be completed very quickly.  

While we are deeply saddened that the launch of the academy has been postponed we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the community in Romford – See more at: http://www.oasisacademyromford.org/content/important-information#sthash.EIfD9GrT.lskOHLRw.dpuf

Statement taken from the Oasis academy website http://www.oasisacademyromford.org/content/important-information