On Wednesday 20th of April 2016 at 10am there will be a peaceful protest/March against the cuts to funding towards support for those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), anyone can join it as they congregate outside Romford Town Hall and March to Andrew Rosindell’s constituency office protesting the budget cuts and the local cuts within the SEN sector!


Fay Hough is organising this March and on the Facebook event she explains more about it:

Funding has been cut for local support groups and services helping the disabled, ESA has had cuts, PIP has had cuts and SEN schools around the country are relying on Fundraising for equipment and new builds because the government are simply not supplying enough money to the schools who need it the most… The most vulnerable people of the U.K. Are getting hit the hardest and something NEEDS to be done! This may only be a local Protest/March, but the more people we get to March to Andrew Rosindell (The man who voted FOR the ESA cuts, and the man behind our local cuts) the more chance we have of being taken seriously, and hopefully Andrew will come out and answer our questions!

Let’s set an example to the rest of the country and March for the rights of those disabled! Let’s show the government that we are not gonna sit down quietly! And let’s tell Andrew Rosindell exactly what it’s like to live with a disability and how that is effected by the local cuts he has made!

Please share this event and promote as much as you can. Let’s start making a difference and let’s fight everyone effected by these cuts!