A van has been spotted abandoned by the flats near Havester, Hornchurch

Residents say that the van was driven like maniacs and then abandoned in this location. Police were informed last night and were on the scene

Thank you to Trev Robinson and all who provided photos

We spoke to Glen Collier, who was one of the officers on site last night;

We were called to to Sunrise Avenue regarding 3 males breaking into vehicles in this van.

Arrived on scene and gave chase to the vehicle, on foot, not my greatest idea!

However, they made off back into Sunrise and they were not able to get through the bollards or car parks.

The 3 made off on foot and unfortunately got away.

The van is on stolen plates, there is not a current keeper for the true identity of the van, no tax and no insurance.

There is nothing we can go on.

Police have no power to remove this vehicle.

It is very very frustrating as we know it is a vehicle used in crime and it is being used for the wrong reasons. There is no owner, it is not causing a obstruction and it is not in a dangerous condition.

The council were inform by us as it has no tax and has been abandoned.

The council are not able to move a vehicle immediately. Even they have to wait 24 hours.

All of the tools stolen from both victims have been returned.

I am truly truly gutted we did not get them last night.

Hopefully the council will removed the vehicle before anyone comes back to collect it.