The Met need to make £400million in cuts and have to make a decision about cutting buildings or officers.

Hornchurch Residents Association have created a petition asking that Hornchurch Police Station be kept open as one of the 4 hubs that will be kept open in Havering.

In Havering the satellite SNT offices will close in Rainham, Roneo Corner, Emerson Park, Upminster, Tadworth Parade, Collier Row, Squirrels Heath and Straight Road plus Hornchurch Police Station.

Obviously the Hornchurch Residents Association want Hornchurch Police Station to be one of these hubs but we need your help by signing this petition:

5 thought on “Petition to keep Hornchurch Police Station open”
    1. I think it is a necessary place where the local people can contact the police, as it covers a large area, where people can go and speak to a police officer face to face. It also gives you more chance to see a police officer and make you feel more secure.

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