If your looking for some soft and light honey at the moment, check out DrBeekeeper.com

We were sent some honey from Dr Beekeeper and it was absolutely lovely.

Much softer then I am used to with honey, we spread it on some fresh bread and it sank into the bread, almost making it’s own honey-bread pudding. It was delicious

After I enjoyed the honey I took a look at the website and it amazed me how many different types of honey were available

I had the ‘Essex Wildlife Honey’ but there’s also Greek, Spanish Orange Blossom, New Zealand Clover and Italian Chestnut Honey, such a huge variety of Honey.

I asked my 8-year-old daughter to tell me what she thought of the honey and she told me:

I normally don’t like honey, but this is amazing

Please check out Dr Beekeeper at www.drbeekeeper.com

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