Written by Karen Chilvers & Gill Eastgate, Tzu Kingdom is a series of books about Shih Tzu dogs that live in a magical land called the Tzu Kingdom. The Tzu Kingdom was given to the dogs by fairies 600 dog years ago and they travel to it using Fairy doors. 

The first Tzu Kingdom book was released in March 2016 by Karen Chilvers and Gill Eastgate who meet on twitter due to their obsession with dogs and both their Shih Tzu dogs. 

King Bailey and Stanley McForeman, have their own twitter accounts. A lot of the ideas for the books come from discussions their dogs have had over the twitter accounts the owners created for their pets, as well as ideas from friends and family also shared over social media.

They have now released a free book for the Amazon Kindle and iPhone/Android apps . 

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