Written by Karen Chilvers & Gill Eastgate, Tzu Kingdom is a story all about friendship and working together.

The main characters are all Shih Tzu dogs and they live in a magical land called the Tzu Kingdom. The Tzu Kingdom was given to the dogs by fairies 600 dog years ago and they travel to it using Fairy doors


Both Karen Chilvers and Gill Eastgate meet on twitter due to their obsession with dogs and both their Shih Tzu dogs, King Bailey and Stanley McForeman, have their own twitter accounts. A lot of the ideas for the books come from discussions their dogs have had over the twitter accounts the owners created for their pets, as well as ideas from friends and family also shared over social media.

Karen Chilvers is currently Councillor for Brentwood West and previously Head of Marketing at The Queen’s Theatre. The book has a lot of connections with The Queen’s Theatre, especially as a trailer being recorded featuring regular Cut to the Chase member Callum Hughes as the voice of Stanley. Karen also says she was inspired by Simon Jessop who taught her that “you just have to create a world and live in it”

This will be a good book to read with the whole family, the official age range is 5-9 years old, and there are lots of jokes and references to animals.

The book will launch for pre-order on the 15th March and promises have been made on the twitter feed that they have something exciting to share on the 29th February around lunchtime

We are looking forward to seeing the book and hope to review it with the help of my 4 year old daughter

We will try to keep you up to date, also checkout Tzu Kingdom on Twitter and Facebook