How does Havering perform when it comes to baby changing facilities for men? The owner of The Dad Network performed a random survey of his local town to find if major chains had baby changing facilities that men could use:

You can read the full article on The Dad Network Website, we were shocked by this story from another member of The Dad Network, asking where he can change a nappy in a hospital:

“I was told it’s in the ladies with a heavy undertone of ‘why would you want to change a nappy?’ I then asked where dad’s were expected to change babies to which I was told, ‘You can ask a nurse if you can use a side room but don’t bank on them allowing you.’ I ended up changing him in a quietish corridor…At the time I was so shocked I didn’t say anything but have since thought about it and am disgusted that I was put in that predicament.”

This got us thinking and we would like to know what your experiance with men’s baby changing facilities is like in Havering, please contact us at and also take a look at the space created by The Dad Network for people to share and find the dad friendly change facilities in the UK.

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