A slash to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by £30 a week was forced through the upper chamber earlier this week after Ministers claimed “financial privilege” – meaning the Lords was not allowed to intervene.

One of the 309 MPs who voted for the change was Andrew Rosindell, Member of Parliament
for Romford. Since this cut was pushed through lots of people, on twitter and facebook, have been referring to an incident back in 2014 where Andrew Rosindell was photographed parking in a disabled parking spot and lots of people feel that he has let disabled people down again:

(Picture: Grant Sibley)
(Picture: Grant Sibley)

Angela Watkinson, MP for Hornchurch and Upminster, was also one of the MPs who pushed through this bill which MPs say will incentivise disabled people to find work.

The cuts to the Employment and Support Allowance have previously been blocked by the The House of Lords, saying that ministers should first conduct an impact assessment into what the cuts’ effects would be. But this time the Lords were forced to wave the cuts through, cutting the benefits for those who apply for the sick and disabled peoples’ ESA after April 2017 from £102.15 to £73.10 a week – equal to jobseeker’s allowance – if they are deemed fit for “work-related activity”

Even some Tory MPs spoke out in opposition of this cut last week, including Tory backbencher Heidi Allen, who led a dramatic rebellion in the house, ahead of the vote:

Now a petition calling for the ESA cuts to be reversed has amassed a huge following on Parliament’s website, reaching the 100,000 target in under a week, meaning that the incident will again be debated in Parliament