IF you’re walking your dog and see a pooch with a yellow ribbon on its lead or yellow bandana around its neck the message is clear – this dog needs some space.

The yellow ribbon and bandana are part of the Yellow Dog UK Campaign, which was set up to focus on dogs that could be in training, recovering from an operation, being rehabilitated, unwell, a bit nervous or grumpy.

The Yellow Dog organisers are hoping more people will back the cause and get involved.

Anyone interested can visit the project website www.yellowdoguk.co.uk where ribbons and posters (which are both free), bandanas and other products can be ordered.

A project spokesman said: “All donations and profits will be used to promote awareness of the campaign. We will promote it until everyone in the UK recognises the yellow dogs’ need for space.”

Dog owners are being asked not to approach other pets in the yellow apparel because it is indicating that these pooches can’t or don’t want to be close to other dogs.

A Yellow Dog Project spokesman said: “Please allow these dogs some space. If the dog is in training, one incident can cause months of set backs, or some dogs may need a permanent ribbon, like for a dog who is blind. Please allow the owner of the Yellow Dog some time to move out of your way.”

“Our ideal outcome would be that dog owners who allow their dogs to approach other dogs in the park to say ‘hello’, will recall their dog if the dog it is running towards is wearing a yellow ribbon.

“We urge the public to get behind this campaign. Print out our free posters from our website, put them up in your local dog walking areas, approach your local dog warden, ask your vet to display a poster.

“We are relying on the public to pass the message on and educate each other while we work to raise awareness.”

Yellow Dog UK was started in November 2012 as part of the international Gulahund Yellow Dog Campaign, which was originally launched in Sweden and now covers about 20 countries.