Half term and many parents, looking to entertain there children, are taking advantage of the Stick Man Trail at Weald Country Park.

But one little girl’s visit to the trail was almost spoiled when she lost her stickman somewhere in the park. The family posted urgently on Facebook asking if anyone has found a stickman in the trail to return him to the girl who missed him and Weald Country Park Responded with the following:

I don’t know how many of you are part of online mums groups… but a plea posted on one came to our attention yesterday. A little girl had lost her Stick Man toy in the park and was very sad. But as we want everyone to come away with happy memories, not sad ones, Stick Man begins his journey back to her today! So today Stick Man has arrived back in the Cafe after an evening out in the Park… and what an adventure he had!




The family was thankful for the park’s generous offer, responding to them on Facebook:

Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts! I just sat with my girls and read this with them! This is the reaction! The one on left is the one who was so desperately upset when she lost him! She is so excited to be getting him back and was absolutely thrilled to read and see pics of his adventures! 😍 we had such a lovely day yesterday and this will now be remembered with great fondness and we will most definitely be returning and will bring all our friends! Thank you again xxxx

For more information on the Stick Man trail, check out our previous article, the Weald country park Facebook group or website

All photos used with permission from the Facebook album