A catchment survey is currently being carried out by Thames Water following complaints that the Harrow lodge lake is contaminated.


Investigations have been taking place by Thames Water, following an increased amount of dead fish and swans within the lake in the past few months.

Councillor for the Highlands ward, Jody Ganly said: “we’re really trying to push Thames Water to clear up the raw sewage and the storm drains.”

There may be a connection between fat being poured down the drains and the blockages.

Thames water have been issuing fat traps to residents within Havering in an attempt to stop fat being poured down the drains and fatbergs being created and causing blockages.

Water keepers have recently tested water from a storm outlet drain and discovered E coli is present in the water, environmental health have been informed.

This could be due to a number of reasons including mis-connections from home improvements being made into the wrong drain.

Quite often flash floods can cause sewers running underneath the park to blow leaving sewage to run into the river.

Councillor Ganly said: “Don’t pour fat down the sink you can use a coconut and hang it out for the birds if you want to be environmentally friendly.”

Public Health and Environmental Health have been contacted, they have put cameras up the storm drains to see if they can find out where the mis-connections are, they have also been down and sucked a lot of the waste out and put provisions in place to try to stop water leaking into the river.

Councillor Ganly also said: “It’s the 21st century, raw sewage should be going to sewage works to be treated, not flooding rivers and parks.”

Result of the survey should be available in April 2016.

Article used with permission from Havering Community Girl Blog