Vandals have destroyed the duck/swan feeders at Raphaels Park, Romford.

The feeders were only just installed 4 months ago and due to the bad weather they have not had much use.

News about the broken feeders was posted on Facebook by Teresa Ingram Drury who posted:

To the morons in Raphaels Park who think it’s fun to destroy the feeder for the ducks and swans in this beautiful Park.

Hope your parents are very proud?! it took a lot of effort and fundraising to put this in for the enjoyment of everybody and to feed the ducks a healthy diet,well done for ruining it for the visitors and the wildlife

They haven’t had much use over winter. . now it is the Easter holidays in the Sun Is Shining they are getting a lot of use and will generate income that will be reinvested into the park and keep the ducks healthy but sadly I don’t know what will happen again and whether it’s worth reinstalling them that will be up to the park manager and the friends group

Let’s hope that the feeders get replaced soon and the vandals can be caught