Be careful with your dog around Hornchurch Country Park. A man was caught trying to steal a pug at Hornchurch Country Park this morning (29th April 2017) this event was shared by Sharon Harding on Facebook:

What a morning !!! On our way to take Georgia to football and see a pug running down the road. Stop the car, grab the dog and start looking for owner. Thankfully find her. Poor cow was so shaken as this piece of scum tried nicking the dog and cut the lead with a knife. 2 other women tackled him and he stabbed one of them. Thank god the police have nicked him. Please be careful when walking your dogs over Hornchurch country park, there’s absolute pieces of shit out there doing these things !!!

She shared the below video of the man who was caught:

Please be careful with your dogs down Hornchurch Country Park