Harrow Lodge Park is an outdoor area full of nature and life. It is a park frequently visited by many and adored by many more.  From swings and frames to never ending boundaries of green grass the park has everything to offer.  It has many facilities that make the park great.

harrow lodge park photo

Havering is host to many parks, and nine of which have green flags such as Upminster Park. Green flags are national awards that commemorate outdoor spaces for their safety awareness, cleanliness, environmental benefits and many more factors.

To attain a green flag a park must be sustainable, helpful to the environment, safe, and encourage community involvement, and we want Harrow Lodge Park to be recognised as having these attributes.  To ensure this happens will require hard work and investment from the council and we hope the community will wish to support us in this.

If you wish to contribute to the councils efforts to improve Harrow Lodge Park why not consider becoming a friend of the park. Havering is fortunate to have many friends groups in many parks and we are looking to support a newfriends group in Harrow Lodge Park. Friends groups contribute and influence the upkeep of parks by carrying out a range of tasks that improve the park and supplement the works of the grounds maintenance team.

If you are interested in joining a friends of Harrow Lodge Park group please join us at The Board Room (on the first floor) at Hornchurch Sports centre from 8pm on Tuesday 28th July to discuss how we could take this forward.

Photo by Ewan-M