The New playground in Harold Hill was attacked by arsonists last night after only being opened late last year

Fire-fighters from Hornchurch and Romford were fighting the flames late last night

People of Harold Hill are devastated by this attack, over 800 people have joined a group on Facebook called ‘Catch the scum that burnt down harold hill park’ and many joined Streetlife to comment on the event:

Standing there watching the park go up was terrible, some lil kid next to me was crying over this. Was well emosh, i watch the construction from the verry start & was saying how great it looked  – Ryan H

‘Walked there this morning, quite a large part in the middle is charred and ruined. It’s awful. Spoke to a few people gathered, all were very upset by this. One lady had tears in her eyes. A few mindless idiots spoiled it for their ‘kicks’ and have wrecked a lovely , fun , brand new play area for the majority .’ – Joanne K

Despite what happened the children were out during the day enjoying the remaining playground the next day

We hope they find those people who did this