On Twitter I heard that Councillor Michael Deon Burton had been sending out flyers regarding part of Hornchurch Country Park being used as a dumping ground

I contacted the councillor and received the below response. Please note that I have tried to access the minutes for the meeting mentioned below and currently unavailable to access the agenda item listed. I will be contacting the borough directly and post my finding. Please also note that all opinions below are the councillor’s and not my own:

Dear Sir

Your information is correct.

However so is the content of my publication.

For other than that which has been made available for public consumption from the ‘ L.B.H. Agenda Item 10, 16:11:11’. report. (contact Havering Council) The rest of this substantial document is ‘RESTRICTED’.

WHY – WHY – WHY….??

(and in answer to your colleagues comments upon ‘Twitter’ – there is a reason she and others did not pick up on this Green belt madness and intended Local Authority deal… and the reasons were not by accident)

To paraphrase:-

Although I am a properly democratically elected representative of the very residents who will be effected by this proposal, should it come to fruition. The Town Hall have made use of some of the most powerful legal statue, to prohibit my transmitting great sways of pertinent information to the very people, who be it not for there ‘Gift’, we could not exist.

In the privacy of my own mind, I have yet to decide whether to laugh uncontrollably at the apparent nonsense contained in the substance of such rational. Or quake in the truly frightful realisation, that in my opinion, laws designed for the benefit of the public, are being used in such an inappropriate way.

I beseech you, contact any likeminded souls or persons who wish to stand against this. Also in the most strident of terms contact/email our local media, Radio or Newspapers. Tomorrow if you wish, today would be better.

If the Council can sneak parts of the whole truth of this proposal past residents, and it should go ahead, it will LITERALLY change the south of the borough for ever.

Regards Councillor Michael Deon Burton

P.S. Please feel free to disseminate/post that which I have stated and news of this proposed to many and all.

P.P.S …If you write/email whom ever, please forward a copy to myself, also ask that they acknowledge receipt of your correspondence. DO NOT FORGET OUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.