FITSTEPS is the new craze to hit Hornchurch, just as we are beginning to settle down to watch Strictly Come Dancing! Its been especially formulated by Strictly Come Dancing’s Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe along with Mark Foster, the Olympic swimmer. It’s ideal for Toning, building muscle strength and slimming down. You do not need a partner – it’s a Fitness Class & the moves are easy to pick up.


Local Trainer Jacky Logan, herself a competitive ballroom dancer, leads classes at The Royal British Legion Hall, Hornchurch High Street.

FitSteps is amazingly good fun. It is the first fusion of its kind which blends the elegant movements of Ballroom & the up-tempo pace of Latin dances, with a series of tried & tested fitness methods, into a simple, easy to follow class, that works, tones and sculpts the whole body. Just one 45 minute session can burn up to a staggering 700 calories.


Strictly’s Natalie Lowe explains: “The energetic classes combine interval training through a series of dance moves from the Jive, Cha Cha & Samba to keep the heart rate raised, with a range of slower movements and postures from the Waltz & Rumba that use muscular strength to tone the torso, arms & legs; offering a unique series of movements, that when grouped together have the greatest effect on the body. The dances can be carried out at varying levels of effort, making it suitable for people of all levels of fitness and age ranges.”

Jacky states “I have several people in the class who are aiming to lose weight. One woman has lost 5 stone since she started with me in January. The dances really are a pleasure to do. Jacky say’s “before you know it, you have learnt the basics of seven or eight dances & could survive any formal ball!”


The music is inspiring. Tracks such as ‘Jailhouse Rock’, ’Dance With Me Tonight’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’ really get you in the mood.

FitSteps works every part of the body without you realising it. It also really malkes you laugh and smile. Not only that, you are learning a skill, the basic foundation of ballroom & Latin American dancing. You will soon be dancing round your living room with the Stars of Strictly!

Jacky’s FitSteps in Hornchurch
Tuesdays 8pm-9pm Royal British Legion Hall. 205 High St, Hornchurch Essex RM11 3XT. . Email Jacky on or call 07715 421349.