If you attended the Christmas Cracker in Hornchurch, you would have seen that there was jugglers everywhere, people on stilts and people spinning diablos on wires. They were posing for pictures with passers-by and seemed to generally be enjoying themselves as they walk along doing amazing feats.

The following week we went to Rainham and again the circus performers are there, still looking just as cheerful and looking like they are enjoying themselves. I go and speak to one of the members and ask about the group, they tell me that they run a group in Harold Hill, teaching anyone who wants to learn to juggle or any other circus tricks and that they were preforming an end of year show and that I should come along.

A week before Christmas we head to the show at MyPlace, Harold Hill and at show and we see a wide range of talents including:

  • A pair of jugglers who almost appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, but one of them forgot to show up,
  • An act with a diabolo, preformed completely in the dark with a hoody that glowed
  • And the man with the glass ball, preforming amazing feats just using a clear ball.

We very much enjoyed the night and I said I would attend one of the Monday night sessions and have a try at learning a new skill.

The first session I attended was after Christmas it was the first session of the year and I was introduced to the night by ring leader Roger. There were 2 other new starters and we were all taught to juggle, the two girls who were with me picked up juggling quickly, while I struggled, but there was no criticism only encouragement. Most of the members knew how to juggle and so I had plenty of hits and tips, with people coming up to me every few minutes trying to help me learn.

Half way through the night the team invited me up to the MyPlace cafe for a drink, we sat and chatted and everyone was very welcoming and there was no fear of being left alone in the corner. On my return after my coffee I was taught to perform with a bowler hat and catch it on my foot again by Roger Who had obviously noticed I was struggling with the juggling

I enjoyed the night so much that I returned the following week and again practised juggling and this time I had a go at the diabolos which I was amazed to find that I was naturally quite good at, I could catch the disc on the string after throwing it up in the air, at the end of the night I had continued to practice my juggling and was leant some juggling balls to practice at home

My time with the circus team was a lot of fun and I would recommend the night for any age. Come and learn new skills, make friends and have fun. For only £3 a night it’s an amazing deal and it’s great for everyone

Contact details:

Website – http://www.rhythmandballs.com/

Contact – Alan – alankparish@gmx.co.uk

Meets Every Monday, 7.30pm at MyPlace, Harold Hill